Company Profile

Platinum VC, established in 2003, focuses on infrastructure related investments in South Africa and numerous developing countries in the region, including India and Sri-Lanka. During the last decade, Platinum VC has partaken in more than 20 large-scale infrastructure projects, in the fields of transportation, alternative energy, real estate and construction, among others.


Investments Strategy

Our Focus

Platinum VC looks to invest in projects which are fundamental for the infrastructure and development of South Africa and other countries in the region. Our focus is on emerging markets in the fields of alternative energy, transportation infrastructure, construction, and real estate.



At Platinum VC, our goal is to work with leading entrepreneurs in the domestic and regional markets in order to achieve mutual goals in large-scale infrastructure projects, which have a positive effect on local communities.


Our Approach

We believe in the individuals behind the project.

Projects and ventures come and go; however, having strong a relationship with solid leading entrepreneurs is what we believe to be the key for sustained success.


Our philosophy

Platinum VC partners with infrastructure industry leaders to identify new opportunities and apply the mutual experience through new initiatives. In every project, we always try to create a win-win situation when working with our partners, so both the investors and the entrepreneurs will benefit from the synergy of the relationship.

Our consulting and engineering teams work constantly to find the next potential investment. We are always on top of leading projects and entrepreneurs, searching for a potentially profitable opportunity which will bring success and profit to all sides involved.